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Sims 2 School


 All objects on this page are standalone and do not contain overrides

This is a set of objects that will help you run a functioning school for children and teens on a residential zoned lot.   You will need at least one resident Sim just to keep the lot accessible.   The objects on the main Institutions page will also help with the school. 

Rickzoe kindly wrote a guide for setting up your school: simlogical tut for School System rz.doc or simlogical tut for School System rz.htm

And one with an idea for making an orphanage simlogical tut for Orphanage.doc or simlogical tut for Orphanage.htm



Use only one of these on each lot.

Makes pupils who have a token assigned appear and become selectable when you choose to start school, and become unselectable when you end school for the day.   To make a boarding school, simply don't end school for several days.   But better still, move the pupils in properly which frees up space at home for your family Sims to have more babies.

You can assign a School Principal with this token.  The Principal may enter any classroom.   Any teacher already assigned to a class will also be teleported in when school starts.

The rules section of the menu works together with various institutional objects and patches - for example with the specially hacked beds to send the pupils to bed at a reasonable time, or with the No Fighting patch to optionally allow or disallow fighting.  If you accidentally set a rule and you do not have the relevant object or patch to make use of it, no harm will be done, it will just have no effect.



Use as many of these as you need for the pupils.

Menu offers children and teens from the neighbourhood.  Pupil appears by token during enrolment process in order to set his or her picture on the token.   Normally when starting a school day they would appear assembled near the bell.  After enrolling pupil, the option to Expel becomes available.

You can assign each pupil to a Class 1-4 (NB this means the school year or form, not lesson or classroom).  They start off in Class 0 and unless you assign them a proper class they can only participate in lessons for "All pupils"



Use only one of these per classroom.  You can have as many classrooms as you like.

Pre-set a class - NB this means the school year or form, not lesson or classroom - (1-4) and a Subject (so far only gradework and general classroom period where they just have to be in the classroom doing anything - more subjects coming later).  Select a teacher from any adult or elder Sim on the lot at the time.  You can then either start that class manually, and the pupils and teacher are called to the classroom, or you can use the Timetable feature to set that lesson for one of 10 periods during the week.   Change the Pre-set and you can timetable in the same lesson for a different group of children, or a different subject etc, for all the various time slots.

Teachers can only go into classrooms they are a teacher of.  Children cannot leave the classroom during lessons, unless the player sends them to do something.  Morning period is 9am-12noon, afternoon 2pm-5pm.    If the lessons were any shorter the Sims would have only just made it to the classroom before it ended.  You know how Sims are; 45mins to blow their nose!

The Home Room feature means you can choose a class who have access to the classroom at all times a teaching session is not taking place for another class.



Place with the green arrow pointing into the classroom.  This keeps in pupils who are meant to be in a lesson, and keeps out those who are not.  A pupil may go through the door if the player instructs them to go and do something (such as going to the toilet).  Works in conjunction with the classroom controller.



Use as many of these as you like anywhere

Has an option to call all pupils into a room, and one to wake up all sleeping Sims.



This is NOT the same as the homework table.  This is a completely separate object to work with the classroom controller.

When you start a gradework lesson for a class, a book is generated on top of each table, for as many pupils as there are in the class.  They will be automatically called to study and woken up if necessary.

The teacher has some power over how well the children study.  For example, you must have the teacher selected before you can tell a straying child to come back to his workbook.   If teacher leaves the room, most of the kids will jump up and play.  They tend to take a while to settle down to work in any case and during that time the teacher will have to keep calling them back to their desks.  Some teachers will do this more autonomously than others.   Don't have your teachers too high in fun, or the kids will sense they can mess about

    ijSchoolClassPlace.zip - alternative to the table

An alternative for the table which can be placed on any other dining table or dining table clone of your choice.  It is an invisible placemat with a visible pencil so you can see where it is.  This has the SAME GUID as the table so you must choose EITHER the table OR the placemat to have in your downloads folder, and delete the other file.  Recolourable.

    To stop the school bus coming for your children, thinking this is a normal home lot, you need this institution sign.   

A painting (or you can clone it and give it a new mesh) which allows you to set a uniform for the children in your school.  Each painting is associated with one school uniform template.  Click here for instructions for making a new Setter and Template pair.


Contains Setter and Template set up to use the Private School uniform.


Contains Setter and Template set up to use my own recolours of the Private School uniform, which are included in zip.


      How to use:

The setter has a menu.  You can "Start Auto" or "Stop Auto".  Auto mode means it looks for a school controller, and if the school is in session, the uniform setting changes all children and teens on the lot into school uniform provided they are 1) selectable (so it doesn't accidentally catch the papergirl), 2) wearing "normal" clothes not outdoor or swimming etc.  Every 5 sim minutes it checks round the lot again for sims that need changing.   If you have a boarding school and wish to keep the school in session over weekends while allowing the children to wear their own clothes, simply turn off auto mode at weekends.

"Force into Uniform".  This changes all children and teens into uniform as long as they are selectable.  It takes no notice whether the school is in session or not, or what the child is already wearing.   Children may be in the swimming pool and this will still put uniform on them.

"Force out of Uniform".  This changes all children and teens who are wearing uniform into their casual clothes.  Does not test for selectable, so that it can still work after school has ended.  NB If any teens are dressed ready to go to work, this will change them too.

You may have any number of Setters on the lot at one time (although you would not want more than one on auto at any one time!).  This means you can create a Summer and a Winter uniform for your school.

This item will be found in your catalogue under Misc/Misc



Here is a collection I set up to contain  the school objects.  I recommend you keep it with all the other things in your school folder in Downloads; it does not need to be placed in Collections in order for the game to find it.   The latest stuff has not been added, but you can easily add them yourself.


Please use the forum to ask questions or report problems