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Sims 2 Institution Sign


(please look further down the page for older versions)

This hack is so that you can stop all processing to do with jobs or schools (no bus, no carpool, no warnings, no grade drops) on lots where the object is placed.

As from the Freetime version, the sign now has a menu so its effect can be turned on and off, and it can have its appearance changed to a hydrangea shrub so that it will fit in with a home lot.  It is no longer just an institution sign!  The patches are also in seperate packages from the sign object itself so that you can choose your exact combination to suit your game.

This hack suite is for three situations.

  1. You have a residential lot you are playing as a school or prison or some other institution and you don't want the school bus or car pool turning up and taking some sims away.
  2. You have a normal family home, but occasionally you would like them to all have one or more days off at the same time.
  3. You like to make non-resident sims selectable sometimes (eg with my meeting controllers or teleporter) but you don't want these sims being collected for school or work along with the actual family members.  If this is the only feature you want, you only need the patches, you don't need the sign.

ijInstitutionSignFT.zip (no overrides)

updated 10th November 2008 to improve mapping for recolours (legs only affected)

See below for decorative-only sign

This is the file containing the object itself.  It should be placed on any lot where you sometimes want to stop the car pool or school bus coming.  It has two alternative 3D meshes, so it can appear as an institutional looking sign board, or you can use its menu to toggle the model to a shrub, to use it on home lots.  This file alone contains no global overrides so may be used as a purely decorative object if you don't want the patches.

When you first place this object, it will be automatically set to stop job and school car pools and processing if you have the appropriate patches.  A menu option allows job and school carpools and processing to go back to normal.   To make it actually work to stop school and job processing, you also need one or more of the patches listed below.  Each one will likely clash with other non-Simlogical hacks, so you have to choose the combination that will cause you least problems with your favourite hacks.  I list the known clashes, and perhaps you could let me know any others you discover


      You can choose to have one of the job patches, or one of the school patches, or one of each.
  JOB   If you want the hack to affect sims going to work, choose ONE of the following.
      ijInstSignPatchAL_Job2009.zip (contains game overrides)
      ijInstSignPatchFT_Job2009.zip (contains game overrides)
  • Advantage - Allows your sim to use car to go to work if you tell him to even when the sign says no work.
      ijInstSignPatchAL_Job201C.zip (contains game overrides)
      ijInstSignPatchFT_Job201C.zip (contains game overrides)
  • Disadvantage - Cannot even drive to work when sign set to no work
  • Disadvantage - Clashes with InTeenimator
  SCHOOL   If you want the hack to affect sims going to school (children and teens), choose ONE of the following.
      ijInstSignPatchAL_School201F.zip (contains game overrides)
      ijInstSignPatchFT_School201F.zip (contains game overrides)
  • Advantage - Allows kids to be driven to school if you want them to even when the sign says no school.
  • Disadvantage - Clashes with TwoJeffs' school bus bring friend hack
  • Disadvantage - Clashes with Pescado's AL "Alfixes.package"
      ijInstSignPatchAL_School200B.zip (contains game overrides)
      ijInstSignPatchFT_School200B.zip (contains game overrides)
  • Disadvantage - Cannot even drive to school when sign set to no school
  • Disadvantage - Clashes with Poiple_SummerVacation.package, but this sign and patch can be used to give summer vacations anyway so you shouldn't need any additional vacation hack.
  • Advantage - doesn't clash with the most popular hacks.
      Users are encouraged to report any more advantages, disadvantages or clashes to me in the forum.


Requires original sign to be in your Downloads, as this is uses the same recolours.

      These have the sign as well as the patches for school and work processing bundled into one .package file

NB All versions below clash with TwoJeff's School Bus Hack.  You cannot have both hacks in your downloads at the same time.

      ijInstSignPatchNL.zip (contains replacement globals)
      ijInstSignPatchOFB.zip (contains replacement globals)
      ijInstSignPatchPets.zip (contains replacement globals)
      ijInstSignPatchSeasons.zip (contains replacement globals)
      ijInstSignPatchBV.zip   (contains replacement globals)