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Sims 2 Institutional Stuff

Some stuff that will work with the Prison set or the School set, and in some cases just help the appearance of a non-hacked institution.


This hack is so that you can stop all processing to do with jobs or schools (no bus, no carpool, no warnings, no grade drops) on lots where the object is placed.  Freetime version and up has alternative model (shrub), as well as on/off options, so it is also suitable for normal residences where you want your sims to have some time off.

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ijInstitutionalServery.zip (no globals)

Institutional servery, with meshes by Atavera

You can open or close it from its menu without the Sims having to go over to it.  Instead of the turkey and gelatin, it serves revolting plates of mush.   To find out how to set it, read AutomationHowTo.htm

There is also an option which will appear only on lots with a prison or school controller to make it so that only prisoners or pupils may eat from it.


ijInstitutionalDoorNoHack.zip (no behaviour modifications)

Not hacked.  Matches School or Prison hacked doors.



ijInstitutionMetalBeds.zip (no globals)

Updated 16th Feb 2006 to include school use.  Name of packages has changed so please DELETE any files beginning ijMetalPrison* before installing these

Typical British institutional bunk beds. The top mattress is in the catalogue separately. Sims cannot get under the bedclothes of the top bunk and the animations isn't quite right so they appear to get into the bottom and then float up

These understand the school and the prison controllers. 

School: In a school they detect school rules set on the bell about jumping on beds, and reading in bed.  When "Regard bedtimes" is set on the school bell, children will be highly attracted to go to bed at about 8pm, and teens at 10pm, and to go back to bed if they should wake in the night - regardless of energy level.  When there is a pupil token in the room, the bed is restricted to use only by pupils with their token in the room.  This provides the feature of being able to pre-assign pupils to particular dormitories.

Prison: When in a prison, they disallow reading in bed when you have the appropriate patch installed.  They are only allowed to be used by prisoners.   When there is a prisoner token in the room, the bed is restricted to use only by prisoners with their token in the room.

Mesh by Atavera - mesh included in package.


ijInstitutionPineBed.zip (no globals)

Same behaviour metal bed above, but a different model.  Uses Maxis mesh already in game.


Some global and semi-global patches to change behaviour that looks weird in institutions.   I have made several small patches rather than one big one so you can choose and also avoid using ones that will clash with other favourite hacks.


ijInstitutionFightingPatch.zip (global replacement)

Updated 16th Feb 2006 to include school use.  Name of package has changed so please DELETE ijPrisonNoFightStaffPatch.package before installing this

On prison lots, prisoners will not initiate violence towards staff, and staff will not initiate violence at all (unless no one is watching - don't put vulnerable prisoners in single cells!)

On school lots, patch will respect setting under Rules on School Bell.  This does not affect poking and shoving, just attack.


ijInstitutionNoSmuggledToysPatch.zip (global replacement)

Updated 16th Feb 2006 to include school use.  Name of package has changed so please DELETE ijPrisonNoSmuggledToys.package before installing this

Updated 17th Dec 2005 to include lighters used to set off sprinklers

On prison lots, Sims cannot play games that would involve having some accessory up their sleeves, such as kicky bag or water balloons.  Let me know if I have forgotten anything.

On school lots, patch will respect pillowfighting rule set on the School Bell.  Other activities not yet hacked for school.


ijPrisonNoReadBed.zip (global replacement)

On prison lots, Sims cannot read in bed.   This is similar in theory to No Smuggled Toys - the prisoner won't necessarily be able to keep his own reading material in the cell.   I kept this separate because I can predict that some people who don't want them pillow fighting will still be happy to have them lie on their beds and read.   Later I might update this so that the player can set a flag on the prisoner's token to say if any particular prisoner can have this right.

On school lots, the test is on the hacked school beds themselves, and regards the setting on the School Bell.  You do not need this patch at all if you only wish to prevent reading in bed in the school.


ijInstitutionSmellsBadPatch.zip (global replacement)

This works with the school bell to stop people being rude about each other's odour.


ijInstitutionPuddleSplashPatch.zip (global replacement)

This works with the school bell to stop people splashing in puddles


ijPrisonNoEscapePatch.zip (contains replacement globals)

ijPrisonNoEscapePatchOFB.zip (contains replacement globals)

If you put one of those Prisoner Tags (the grey CD rom) from the prison page in a Sim's inventory, this patch is meant to check for that and not choose the Sim to be a game-generated visitor to other lots.  This patch will almost certainly clash with any other patch to select or ban other sims from lots.  TwoJeffs has incorporated this into his Visitor Controller so that you can use that instead and have all the extra benefits it brings.