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Sims 2 Making Money

These items are primarily intended for home businesses without using the OFB home business system.  Most will also work on a community lot, when they will pass any income to the family you happen to be playing on the community lot at that time.   To find out how to edit the amount of money your family make each time another Sim uses one of these objects, click here

These downloads do not require Open For Business.

Click on file links to download:



Made a bit more attractive so Sims will use them for fun.  Payment is 50 Simoleans a go, because Sims tend to stay on these a while. Let me know if the visitors end up with skill points after using them as I didn't get round to testing that.



All these revenue generating games in one zipfile!



Sims in current family use this for free, visitors pay 20 Simoleans per helping.  Made to be slightly more attractive than normal so visitors will use in preference to any other on the lot.

This buffet has inbuilt no-spoil no-empty features, which work independently of whether or not you have the EndlessBuffet patch.  Also works on community lots.



Vomit and Play options disabled

PAY DOOR (link goes to page containing item)

There is a pay door on the above page that also does clothes changes

AUTO TELEPORTER (link goes to page containing item)

Useful for bringing bunches of sims to the lot who can act as customers.


FatD_ijCommPhone.zip Made in August 2006 in an uptodate game. (no globals)

Fully functioning Community Lot phone without the stand.  Offered here is a version that Fat D did further work on so that you don't need to use move_objects etc to get it against the wall properly.  This is a new object and does not replace the original community lot telephone; however it functions the same.


Recolour of above in black and silver made by Jen W