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Sims 2 Clothes-Change Doors

Although these are only fully compatible up to the stated EP, they should work with any later game.  They just won't do everything that an updated door would do.

CLOTHES/PAY DOOR (no globals)

Each side is set separately.  For each side you can set how much money, if any, your current family gets when visitors go through the door in that direction, and what, if anything, they should change into.  The nude option is not included in this version, but is available from the adult downloads section at Mod The Sims 2.  Although both versions have the same GUID, the adult version has an A at the end of the filename so if you are swapping between the versions you will need to remove the unwanted file.

ijPayClothesJustaDoor.zip ijPayClothesBevelDoor.zip  



A system of objects that tell your Sims to change outfits.  Usually this will be as they come in through a door.   At the moment this set comprises one vase with a menu that allows you to set the outfit to change into, and a global patch that makes all normal doors change your Sim as they walk through.   The door from the security system has also been updated to work with this system, for anyone who does not want to use the global patch.

There are plans to make extra fixed-outfit objects so that you don't have to set a menu each time you enter a community lot.

This is InTeenimator aware, in that it won't make pregnant teenagers change their clothes and lose their bellies.


ijClothesToken.zip (no globals)

Place in room or rooms that you wish your Sims to change before entering.  Use the menu to choose which outfit Sims should change into and whether NPCs should also change.



..\Sims2Downloads\Sims2_Doors\ClothesChangeDoors\ijClothesPatch.zip (contains replacement globals)

This is an optional global patch which will make most normal (non-hacked) doors into outfit changing doors.  Does not work reliably on diagonal doors.



ijSecurityDoorWalnut.zip  (no globals)

For players who do not wish to use a global patch for any reason.  This door is dual purpose and acts as the non-global door for the Security (Apartment) System too




These doors change Sims into casual when going into the house wearing anything other than formal (e.g. work or swimwear).  When going out of the house, the Sim is changed into normal outfit if he is wearing underwear or pyjamas

Comes with all original colours but will not automatically pick up user recolours. Does not work on diagonal or after being moved to and from diagonal.

Click on file link to download:

ijComeHomeBevelDoor.zip ijComeHomeMoroccanDoor.zip ijComeHomeColonialDoor.zip
ijComeHomeMatteDoor.zip ijComeHomeWachowtDoor.zip ijComeHomePigalleDoor.zip


"FORMAL" DOOR  (no globals)

Sims change into formal as they go through the door. Does not work on diagonal or after being moved to and from diagonal.

Comes with all original colours but will not automatically pick up user recolours.

ijFormalBevelDoor.zip ijFormalMoroccanDoor.zip ijFormalPigalleDoor.zip


POOL DOOR (no globals)

Sims change into swimwear in one direction, normal in the other.  When placing, arrows point towards pool or beach.

Includes all four original colours. Does not work on diagonal




This gate is bright green in Build or Buy mode, invisible in Live mode.   In the direction of placement arrows, the sim changes into swimwear, in other direction they change into normal clothing.   Remember, in order for the portal function of a door, arch or gate to actually run when the sim walks through, at least one of the two rooms it joins must be a fully enclosed room with walls or fences all the way round.