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Here are some links to sites that have some relevance to simlogical.  Either they have recoloured some simlogical objects, or they have created further hacked objects to go with control systems I have designed, or they have objects that will go well with one of my themes.

I have also included links to sites that can help with things I am often asked about.

Click on links to go there:

    Please use this button to link to this site, and use http://www.simlogical.com/ as the hyperlink.
      Sims 2
    SimPe is a pretty amazing tool that can help you do anything from editing the name or age of a Sim right up to making complete new objects.  The tool is still being developed so you need to check back often for new versions.
    Huge collection of Sims 2 downloads, help forums and tutorials.
    Especially good for their links to news and interviews about upcoming EPs etc.  Always seems to be kept well up to date.
    House building tutorials for things you never thought could be built!
      Sims 1 - Recolours or new graphics for simlogical hacks
    Curtains, reservable showers, no-privacy toilets, bathroom door, apartment objects
    Curtains by Raveena
    Bathmats, Reservables, Shareables, Enforceables, Apartment objects
    Curtains, Lockable doors, Single-tile dressers
  Just Simming   College bookcase, outfit-choice exercise bench, reservable bathroom stuff, reservable beds
  Topaz Simstop   Curtains
  Sheldon Sims   Curtains, dresser, fireplace
  Death Eater Sims   Fireplaces, dressers, no-scavengers tree trunk
  Crafty Sims   Curtains
  SimplyLearning   Curtains
  Blue Star Sims   Permalamps
    Apartment objects
    Season-change objects
      Sims 1 - New hacked objects that work with simlogical controllers
    Apartment control objects
    Apartment lots and objects
    Apartment user support group with objects and lots to download
  Blue Star Sims   Apartment control door
  ShinySims Apartments   Apartment control objects
    Season-change azalea bush.  In the Build section.
    Season-change roof pieces
  maxonville   Season-change flowerbeds
      Sims 1 - Objects or skins that complement a simlogical theme
  Blue Star Sims   Skins for all sorts of institutional situations
  Simtasia   Hospital gown skins and fake patients
    Loads of hospital gear
  IkyZ DownloadZ   Objects include the original hospital bed, hospital lockers and screen curtains.
    Some state-of-the-art medical equipment under Sets|Miscellaneous
    Some doctors and nurses skins, and wheelchair skins!
  Sim Things   Dummy medical staff, hospital equipment hidden among other things
  Sims Accessories   School and other themed objects
    A set of high school objects in the Downtown section.
    Child-enabled items such as chemistry set, violin, sax, bookcase - learn cooking skills, etc
  Simfully3   Prisoners' skins
      Frequently asked...
    Questions and answers that cover everything from how to install downloads to how to begin to make new objects.  Look in "extra" then "FAQs"
    Sims 1 - The best beginners hacking tutorials I could find, in the Do It Yourself section.
  Hackers' Resource   Mainly Sims 1 - More advanced hacking tutorials and forums
    Neighborhood 99, my favourite forum board.  Very busy, and the best place to ask if something you want exists and where you can get it.  Moderation is strict, but very fair and polite.