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Help for getting the menu on simlogical Timed doors

Some people have difficulty getting a menu for the timed doors.  In some cases it might be because your setup is incompatible for some reason, but in many cases it would be because you are not used to using menus on doors and this guide will help you decide whether or not you are doing it right.

1. You can see here that with the walls down, you can't select the door   2. Click anywhere near it and all you get is the Go Here option.
3. The wall's up now, but until you hit the door just right, you still have the little feet with your pointer, and if you click now you'll still just get Go Here.   4. Now you can see the star with your pointer.  The door has got lighter in colour to show it's selected.  Because it's a door from the Timed range, it has also sprung open.  Not all simlogical doors spring open, but the Timed ones do.  When this happens, it's the right time to click!
5. And the reason it springs open is because you need to be able to see which side is the flap side and which is the gap side, because you will need to set both sides unless you want it to be a one-way door.   6. If you click "Setting flap side" it explains how you can tell which side is which.
7. If you click round about here...   8. ...you'll get the menu for setting the flap side
9. And if you click round about here...   10. ...you should get the menu for setting the gap side.  If you can't seem to catch the right spot, turning the view round so you see the other side of the door can help

When you have finished with the menu, the door will stay open until the top of the next hour, then close itself.  Timed doors when working correctly will always close themselves after a Sim passes through.