How to change the outfit worn by Sims when they use an Event Control object

These instructions assume you have a recent MSWindows operating system.


1.    Download IffPencil2 from under Downloads | Programs, and install it.

2.    Open the file for your controllable object, for example ctrbl_bnqtchair.iff If you installed IffPencil2  correctly, the file should automatically open using that, otherwise Windows should give you an opportunity to browse to the application you want to use.

3.    Open the BCON section, and select BCON #4099



4.    Double-click to open BCON #4099 and select line 0



5.    Type the new number into the Value box, choosing one of the numbers below:

0 Normal outfit
1 Naked.  Unlikely to stay naked for long due to inbuilt censorship.
2 Swimsuit
3 Work clothes (children wear school uniform or military)
4 Formal (children wear school uniform or military)
5 Pyjamas
6  -
7 Winter
8 High Fashion (children wear normal outfit)
100 Sim stays in whatever he happens to be wearing.


6.    Click OK, then close the file, remembering to say Yes when it prompts you to save.