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My Prison


Here are some images from the prison I am actually playing in my own game.  Seven of them are actual residents of the lot, and are considered "lifers", while the others are sentenced from the neighbourhood.

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The outside.  You can see the vegetable gardens and potting shed at the side.


First level looking towards front.  You can see the meal servery in the association area. First level looking towards back.  There is a small TV area just hidden by the stairs. Second level looking towards the back.  You can see there is a narrow landing flanked by cells.

Metal stairs and railings by

Second level looking towards back.  At the top of the screen is the Governor's office, leading to his overnight quarters and a staff bathroom.
  On the first level, two of the cells have been knocked into one to make room for a classroom area, in line with the modern emphasis on rehabilitation. Another two cells on the first level have been knocked together to form a workshop.  Unfortunately it is deserted, as shortage of staff mean these initiatives cannot be followed through.  
A typical cell for prisoners on "Basic" regime.  These cells are all on the first level, where it is easy to keep an eye on these less trustworthy inmates. A typical cell for prisoners on Enhanced regime, located on "the twos".  Privileges include a single cell when available, and entertainment items such as a TV.  This prisoner may be back on Basic soon, going by the mess he's left in his cell. The block washroom.  Two shower heads may not seem enough for an entire wing, but the prisoners spend more time chatting here than showering anyway. These bath cubicles are favoured by the prisoners, but are not open all the time as it requires an officer to be available to supervise the upstairs landing.
The Governor's quarters and office. The staff sitting room and reception office Reception area with clothing store just visible on the left. Some of these prisoners are showing defiance to an officer at having been told not to congregate socially in the washroom.