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The Sims Payment System


This enables Sims to earn money on one lot and take it home with them.  They could also run up debts which they have to pay when they get home.  This is a new system and I have not yet made many objects to work with it.  Creators are welcome to hack their own objects to make use of this cheque system.

Click on picture to download:


Cashbox graphics by Wolfie of Blue Star Sims

This unzips to a .far file containing three .iff objects.  One is a cheque/check for 50 Simoleans, another is an invoice for 50 Simoleans neither of which you should ever need to see.   The last is a grey cash box that sits somewhere convenient on your lot.


Buy the cashbox for $1 in Miscellaneous/All and place it on lots as you come to play them.

By the cashbox's menu, the selected Sim may draw a cheque or cheques for up to S500 at a time, and doing so reduces the household funds by that amount.  The $50 cheques making up that amount are now in his inventory and will be with him wherever he travels or visits.

Or he can write an invoice which will add the net worth of the household, and give it to another Sim which reduces that Sim's net worth when paid into his cash box, effectively making that Sim pay the issuing Sim some money.

      A Sim holding cheques or invoices may pay them to any other Sim he meets, by using that Sim's menu in the same way as if you were going to talk to them.  You will find the option under "Give gift.../".  You can keep doing that until your donor Sim has no more cheques or invoices left.
      Now the Sim you gave them to has one or more cheques.  When they get home, if you buy them a cashbox, they can pay in their cheques and their household funds will receive the money.

You must have Hot Date or above to use the pay system, and you need Hot Date specifically in order to give cheques or invoices as gifts

      In the Event Control section there is a computer that gives cheques to visiting workers as well as profits to the site owner.  Hackers are welcome to use it as an example of how to integrate an object with this payment system.