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Apartment Control Appliances

Click on pictures to download:

    Comes in .far with own food.  The food is restricted according to which room it is in at the time.  So a Sim can prepare a meal in his private kitchen, then serve it in a communal dining room to share with everyone, if he wishes (or if the player picks it up and moves it!).

Will not work if cloned.

    Counter height fridge from an original by Scoobysims .  Sorry, can not be used as a counter.  Includes food in .far file

Will not work if cloned and is not mine to give permission anyway :)

    Salt & pepper shakers...  Actually this is a fridge, hacked so it can go on the same tile as one of your counters (or anywhere at all in fact) so you can pretend you have integrated appliances!  They look like they're sitting at the back of the counter, leaving the rest of the surface free to prepare food or put other things on.  Food included in .far file.


    Trash compactor



13 August 2004 updated to fix bug that was letting other Sims try to use it!

    Microwave oven
    Tweaked to give a little more energy and a little less diuretic effect.  Not a maxer.
    Trash can
    Trash compactor.