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Sims 3 Modded Script Stairs - Cottage Half Landing

A joint project between Inge and Gosik


The point of creating these stairs is that they do not require stages, foundations, or dummy CFE levels to create the landing effect, and therefore no wasted building levels or warped walls.


These stairs here are the scripted version of the stairs Gosik and I made from the Generations EP spiral stairs.  Gosik made the mesh and textures, while I made the script and edited the routing slots and rig.  We both edited the footprints and nearly had a fight over what should be allowed to intersect, but managed to compromise in the end lol!  The scripted version stops the sim animating, which looked silly as he was going round in a spiral (he now just snaps from the bottom to the top instead of walking up) and also disables the sliding down rail interaction.


The entire unscripted (uses EA's spiral stairs script) set as Sims3Pack can be downloaded at http://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1115099

The set includes the removable base infill, and the wall-like fences that fit under the slope of the stairs.   However, because the launcher will no longer install scripted items as Sims3Packs, the modded versions of the staircases are offered here as packages.  They have their own ID so you could have the Sims3Pack versions and these both in your game at the same time.

  Left Stairs


  Right Stairs