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Sims 2 Winding Stairs

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This is a normal (non-modular) staircase with winders at the top and the bottom.  The sim starts and ends where you would expect for the shape of these stairs so you can build your walls accordingly, but he does get there a little bit funny (if you look carefully at one time you can see him come through the landing floor.  But it happens so fast it needn't spoil your enjoyment.

The banisters are the upwardly mobile.  There are no railings going up the wall side, as the stairs are meant to go against a wall, so the ones at the bottom go down when you use the tool to remove the left railings, and the ones up the edge are counted as the right railings.

You'll have to use move_objects cheat to place the stairs.

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  Poly count = no more than Maxis stairs.

ijWindersCW_um.zip Stairs turn clockwise

ijWindersAC_um.zip Stairs turn anticlockwise

ijStairsMatchingfence.zip Sunni Sims' fence coloured to exactly match the colour and height of the stair rails.

Only the clockwise stairs are illustrated