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Sims 2 Wallpaperable Stair Walls

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Actually this download isn't walls at all, it's windows!

These are wall cutouts with a recolourable trim, to cut the walls out at graduated staircase height, which leaves the lower part of the wall only showing.  And of course you can paint or paper that wall to match your others. ijStairwall5snip smooths out where the openings go through floor level, because otherwise a corner of the lower wall sticks through them.



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  I have also made quite a large set of recolours, pretty much one to match each Maxis staircase, since when these are assembled the trim looks like part of the staircase mouldings.   You can delete the unwanted colours from within the game, but don't delete the green one as that will also delete the mesh!

To recolour, choose the ijStairwall1; all the others take their colours from that one.