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Sims 2 Half Landing Stairs

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This is a normal (non-modular) staircase for if you want a half landing without using dummy levels or warped walls.  I designed it specially for my smaller cottage-style homes.

If you want to place the stairs one above another for multiple floors, download the invisible wall recolour for the higher staircases.

I assume everyone already knows that custom non-modular stairs rarely have working animations.  Your sim will begin in the right place and end in the right place, and sort of zap between them without walking.  You will need to use move_objects to place the stairs in some positions.

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Poly count = no more than Maxis stairs.

ijhalflandingstairs2.zip The stairs in basic woodgrain

ijhalflandingstairs_recolinviswalls.zip Recolour that provides the invisible underneath for upper floors (see top right image)

ijhalflandingstairs_recolwhite.zip Plain white paint recolour


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