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Sims 2 School Types

NB: Not connected with the School system under Institutions!!!



I have created some new school types which affect when or if your children get collected by the school bus    You can enroll your children on any of these, as well as the existing schools, by placing a school changer on the lot and using its menu with the child selected.   Once you have made your choice of school, the bell may be deleted.


This is absolutely nothing to do with making your own school using my school institution controllers.  Your child may be registered in any school from their home, and still turn up to the school you are controlling on another lot.


Click on file link to download:







SCHOOL CHANGER (improved 2nd August 2007 to recognise more custom schools)


ijSchoolChangerBasegame.zip (no globals)

ijSchoolChanger.zip   (no globals)


To easily change your children from one school to another without using SimPE or inviting the headmaster, use the menu on this object.  It should recognise any custom school as well as the Maxis ones.









ijPrepSchool.zip  (no globals)

ijPrepSchool_AL.zip (no globals) (updated 13th Jan 2009)


Hours 9-5 for both children and teens.  Pupils do their homework at school before they come home.  Fees payable.  Uniform









ijBoardingSchool.zip  (no globals)

ijBoardingSchool_AL.zip  (no globals) (updated 11th Jan 2009)


Child goes to school on Monday morning and returns on Friday at 4pm.  If they miss the bus on Monday, the bus will also come on the following day and so on.  Fees payable.  Uniform

If you change the child's school while they are away for the week, they will come home the same day if before 4pm or next day if you do it later.  Warning - changing school mid-week makes your child lose a grade.  This wasn't intentional, but it's fairly realistic anyway

Walk or fly to school not available with this school.









ijFlexiSchool.zip (no globals)

ijFlexiSchool_AL.zip  (no globals) (updated 11th Jan 2009)


No set days and no bus.  This is for children who are either educated at home, not educated at all, or who attend a school institution run by the player.  No fees.  Uniform (unused)





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