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Sims 2 Nanny Detection

Click on file link to download:


ijNannyDetectBV.zip   (contains overrides)

ijNannyDetectAL.zip (contains overrides)

A set of patches that will make your Sims understand that when they have a nanny they do not need to wear themselves out looking after the babies and toddlers themselves.  They will still be able to do so if you direct them to, or if a toddler asks them for attention.  The patches additionally allow the parents to see to themselves first if they have a full bladder, empty stomach, or about to pass out from fatigue - unless of course you send them to care for the infant first.

The Nanny Adapter is the little teddy bear in the picture.  Allows you to make one or more normal household members have the NPC type flag set to Nanny, so that other members of the household will leave the child care to him or her and get on with their lives.  Select sim and click on teddy.  Find object near original toy teddy in catalog.

NB the BV and FT version were made up of seperate packages.  The AL version is all in one package.  You must manually delete ALL the BV packages before installing the AL version.

29th Dec 2008 removed the potty training bits from the AL version, since parents rarely do this autonomously anyway, and now it won't clash with TwoJeffs' Potty Fixes.