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Sims 2 Lot Income Rights



Allows a sim to purchase "Income rights" for any lot.  On Apartment Lots, Hotels, or Dorms he will receive the rent or nightly room charges from those lots, using the special Lot Income cheques, included in the zip.  Teleport in your chosen owner and make him selectable to use the painting.  Or have him build the lot and set up the painting at the time, and then move out.  The would-be lot income rights owner will be charged an amount approximately what the lot itself would cost to buy.  (NB Owner gets rent at all times as if fully let.  Management company provide the staff and guarantee lettings.)

On other types of residential lot, if you use my Mortgage Shrubs, the lot rights owner will receive the interest from those.  That will enable you to set up a normal lot to play as if a rented lot.  Simply cancel out the cost of the lot with mortgage shrubs, then your next residents will pay nothing to move in, just the daily interest, or rent - whichever way you prefer to think of it.

The download contains:


Lot Token: Stores lot-wide settings.  On apartments, this lives on the baselot, so all sublots share the same state of information


This is the token that gets sent to the owner's inventory, filled with the amount of money they earned from the lot


Controller:  This is automatically spawned on every lot and acts as the go-between for the token and all the other objects that need to communicate with the token.  It is also responsible for sending the money order to the lot owner once every 24 hours.  NB it only operates while you are playing the lot the money is coming from - it won't send money to your lot owner while you are playing another lot.


Custom globals.  These do not override anything, but they do add to the global BHAV range in the game.


Contains overrides. Patch for rental payments: patches the apartment doorglobals.  Door calculates apartment value; patched it takes into account your rent setting.  Delete if you do not have Apartment Life


Contains overrides. Patch for hotel fees payments: patches the hotel doorglobals.  Door calculates suite value; patched it takes into account your rent setting.  Delete if you do not have Bon Voyage

NB For dorms, rent is only received if a rent is set, as there is no original code to calculate rent based on facilities in room.  Students are not required to pay extra, the uni subsidises them.


Simolean painting.  This is the visible object whose menu you can use to set it all up.  Painting does not need to remain on lot after setting up, unless you want it to.  May be raised and lowered by the [ and ] keys if you have Apartment Life.



Click on file link to download: ijFinance_LotRights.zip

See below for instructions



How to install:

Unzip the .zip and you should have 7 .package files.  Keep them in a folder all together, in your Downloads folder.  If you do not have Apartment Life, delete ijFinance_LotRights_ApartmentOverrides.package, and if you do not have Bon Voyage, delete ijFinance_LotRights_HotelOverrides.package.  



How to play:
All the setting up is done via the small Simolean picture, which can be found in Decorative/Wall for 2.

Assigning a lot owner:
To assign your lot rights owner, have him or her on the lot, and selectable. You can bring a Sim to a lot where he does not live, either by having him travel to that lot, if it is a community or holiday lot, or if someone else lives there, by using the Teleporter cat and also using it to make him selectable. With your would-be owner as the selected Sim, click on the Simlolean picture. Choose "Give me lot income rights" There will be a dialog letting you know how much it will cost him. After clicking OK, it will let you know if he could not afford it. Until a future planned update, this will be based only on the funds available to the Sim's family. If all is in order, the funds will be deducted from the new owner's family, and his name will be stored on the lot token as owner. If you were told he could not afford it, but he or other members of his family have enough lot income tokens saved to cover the cost, there is an opportunity for him to cash them using options under the "General Finance..." menu. Once this has been done, your new income rights owner can leave, because any Sim can be used to operate the other menu options.

Setting the Rent:
The method of choosing a rent amount depends on what kind of lot you are setting up.
To set the rent for an AL apartment, a BV hotel or a Uni dorm, choose 'Nightly Rent...Set amount' from the simoleon painting menu. This brings up the OFB price setting dialog. Click on the the price tag icon on the dialog to get the custom price menu, and click the arrows up or down to set a nightly rent. The amount you choose will be the amount your owner Sim receives each night.
Note that AL apartment residents and BV hotel guests will also be charged that amount each night. Uni dorm residents are not charged the nightly rent. The lot owner receives rents each night from every unit in the owned building, even if there are unoccupied units or units occupied by non-playables. Your playable Sims are only charged when you are actually playing them. In other words, if you take a Sim family to an owned hotel for a vacation, the owner will receive the nightly rates of every room in the hotel, even if some rooms are unoccupied. If you are playing an apartment lot with playable families in different units, while you play one of those families, your lot owner will receive nightly rents from every unit in the building, but only the family you are currently playing will be charged.

If you want to charge the room rates that the game sets for apts/hotel rooms rather than choosing a custom rate, then select 'Nightly Rent...Reset to Auto' from the simoleon painting menu. Note that the 'auto' calculation only works for apts and hotels, nott dorms. For dorms you must choose a custom rate.

If you are using mortgage shrubs to charge rent on a regular residential lot, the amount of rent (or interest) paid is determined by the shrubs you place. There are two kinds of mortgage shrub, one that deducts 1,000 from the lot price and charges 10 per day, and one that deducts 10,000 from the lot price and charges 100. Place as many of these as you need to cover the purchase price of the home. The rent for the home will then be determined as a percentage of the purchase price. In other words, if the home would normally cost 32,000 simoleons, place three 10,000 mortgage shrubs and two 1,000 shrubs. The Sims you move into that lot will pay nothing to move in, but will be charged 320 a day to live there.
Note that the rent monies are paid to the owner at 3am, but are not deducted from the residents until 7am when using the mortgage shrub method.

Simlogical mortgage shrubs are available here:  Sims2_Mortgages.htm

Checking the Settings:
Select 'Check lot owner token settings' to check the status of your owned lots. A dialog will come up showing you the name of the owner Sim (or telling you there is no owner when you haven't set one), how much rent you are charging, how much has accrued, and the value of the lot for the purpose of buying/selling it.
Note that if you have chosen the 'Auto' setting for nightly rent, this dialog will tell you the nightly rent is '0', but the proper amount will be charged properly every night.

Selling the Lot:
If you choose 'Unassign lot owner' from the simoleon painting menu, your owner Sim will be paid for the sale of the lot at a depreciated rate, and his/her name will be cleared from the settings, and will no longer receive rent monies.

If you move out all resident Sims without unassigning the owner, the owner will still be the owner of that lot when you later move in more Sims.


To completely uninstall this mod and get back all your lot owner's money, choose Maintenance and Debugging...Uninstall SimLogical Finance System from the simoleon painting. This will take a few Sim hours to complete.


"How to play" was written by Calisims - many thanks