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Sims 2 Merola Single-Tile Painting


I have not touched his code AT ALL so it's not even updated for EPs.  However it works in my game as far as it goes. AND IT REQUIRES PETS OR ABOVE BECAUSE THE MENU IS ALL ON ONE TILE NOW

With kind permission of Merola, and you can see more of his work at http://www.simchaotics.com/

The version with the glass has a different GUID from the one without the glass, so you can have them both in your game, but the stay-up versions are the SAME GUID as their counterparts that don't stay up (meaning stay up when the walls cut away).  You need to choose in each case whether you prefer the painting to stay up or go down.   If you already have the non-staying up paintings on your lots before downloading the stay up versions, you need to buy them again.  That is because the code for staying up only runs when you first place the painting on your lot.

ijMerolasPaintingSmall.zip (no globals) has glass front and goes down with walls
ijMerolasPaintingSmallStaysUp.zip (no globals) has glass front and does not down with walls
ijMerolasPaintingSmallNoGlass.zip (no globals) has no glass and goes down with walls
ijMerolasPaintingSmallNoGlassStaysUp.zip (no globals) has no glass and does not go down with walls
For Freetime onwards, see this thread http://www.simbology.com/smf/index.php/topic,20.0.html
In case there is a person alive who does not know what Merola's Multi-painting is, it has a huge menu with options to change sims' motives, age etc. but as it was made before there were any EPs, it won't have any settings that were added after the first EP.