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Sims 2 Targetable Doors (all games)


These doors are set up via their menus and you have to have the wall up to click on the door.  The menu allows you to ban various types of Sim, like ban all males, all toddlers, all visitors etc.   Then on top of that you can at any time use the menu to unlock the door and let any Sim through, lock it so that no Sim can go through, or leave it in the in-between state so that just your specified types of Sims can use it.

Hack does not work when the door is placed diagonally.  This is because when the door is placed diagonally, it actually becomes a different object.  I have decided not to offer the diagonal option for the time being because I can foresee various complications and cannot yet think of a very good way round them.  For similar reasons, the door may lose its settings or become unsynchronised between the two sides if you try to move it after setting up keyholders.

Suitable for all games as long as you realise they do not know about types of Sims introduced after Uni. 

NB doors offer original range of colours, but do not use custom recolours made for their Maxis counterparts.


Click on file link to download:

Target0PanelDoor.zip TargetWalnutDoor.zip Target2PanelDoor.zip
Target4PanelDoor.zip TargetBevelglassDoor.zip