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Sims 2 4-Keyholder Doors (all games)

These doors are set up via their menus and you have to have the wall up to click on the door.  The Sim you want to give the key (either resident or visitor) has to be on the lot at the time, but can come and go after that and still keep the key.   The door can be set unlocked, when anyone can use it, or locked, when only keyholders and NPCs can use it.

All locking is one-way only, to reduce incidence of non-keyholding Simmies getting trapped in a room they are not meant to be in when you lock the door. Place with green arrow pointing in towards restricted area.  Sims will always be free to exit even while entry is restricted.

Hack does not work when the door is placed diagonally.  This is because when the door is placed diagonally, it actually becomes a different object.  I have decided not to offer the diagonal option for the time being because I can foresee various complications and cannot yet think of a very good way round them.  For similar reasons, the door may lose its settings or become unsynchronised between the two sides if you try to move it after setting up keyholders.

Suitable for all games as long as you realise they totally ignore the Maxis tests for door locking, and probably do not understand Pets.  For this reason these doors are not recommended for the main external door or for bathrooms as it does not run the Maxis code that deals with the arrival of visitors and bathroom privacy.

NB doors offer original range of colours, but do not use custom recolours made for their Maxis counterparts.

Click on file link to download:

4Key0PanelDoorNPCs.zip 4Key2PanelDoorNPCs.zip 4keyDoorPlusNPCs.zip
To use this you must have Numenor's mesh from MTS2 (Link should take you to the right thread)
4Key4PanelDoorNPCs.zip 4KeyBevelglassNPCs.zip 4KeyNPCsNumenorGlass.zip
4KeyColonialDoorNPCs.zip 4KeyMattGlassNPCs.zip 4KeyWachowtDoorNPCs.zip
4KeyShopDoorNPCs.zip 4KeyPigalleDoorNPCs.zip 4KeyPigalleArchNPCs.zip
4KeyWalnutArchNPCs.zip 4KeyColonialArchNPCs.zip 4KeyMatteArchNPCs.zip
To use this you will need Atavera's original non-hacked door first as that contains the mesh.
4KeyNPCsAtaveraBars.zip 4KeyPicketGateNPCs.zip 4KeyWroughtGateNPCs.zip