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Residence: Echo Park

Zach: Zach was raised on an organic farming compound in Montana, and he has a natural affinity for animals. Something of a child prodigy, Zach was schooled at home & entered UCLA at the young age of 16, where he had a double major in physics & comparative religion. He later earned his graduate degree in physics at UCLA, and both his grad & undergrad education was fostered by his mentor & professor Dr. Arjun Chaudhri. He now works at Jet Propulsion Labrotories (JPL) in Pasadena.
Zach's relationships: Zach's former mentor & friend is Arjun Chaudhri, and as an intimate of the Chaudhri family, Zach was often asked to 'chaperone' their only daughter Meera when she ventured out into the city. These things always lead to trouble.... His housemates are Justin, Gavin & Diego, and his neighbors are Eleanor & Kira.
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1: Chemistry
2: The Cave
3: Translation
4: Space Dreams NEW
Why Zach's story is 'unfinished': For a character with only 4 chapters to his name, Zach may have the richest & most complex background of them all. So much went into his development! In the beginning was the mesh...I'm actually too lazy to look up Zach's mesh number right now, but it's from Sim Skins, and it is one of my all time favorite male meshes. Not a lot of people make textures for this mesh, so I was playing around with a Maxis heap bmp, called 'Ross', named him for the mesh & put him in my skins folder, fully intending to make a character for the site with him at some point. While using Heather's family to test a Vacation lot I was building, Heather & discovered Frankie, a Vacation Island tourist, who was using the head that would later be Zach's. This was a Winter Vacation lot, so Frankie was wearing the standard winterwear. Heather & I were later horrified, on inviting him to visit her home lot after the vacation was over, to see what an atrocious 'normal' outfit he had, a real Maxis special. In the story, Frankie was a fling Heather had before meetng Ulises and who comes to town when she first starts dating him, visiting a cousin here in L.A. While this romantic triangle is going on for Heather, I found myself having to reinstall my game because of some horrible upside down heads & a crashy house. 'Frankie' as a vacation island tourist, was not saved when I saved my story families. In the story, he dies during a skiing accident. But, that was my head, and darned if I wasn't going to revive him! Since Frankie was in L.A. visiting a 'cousin' I created said cousin. An identical cousin, lol. My first thought was to have Zach pick up where Frankie left off, and put Heather back into a romantic triangle. He does meet with her once, but I didn't pursue that & don't remember why now. (None of this is in Zach's story, just Heather's) Then, when I started Xtina/Gavin's story, after Gavin finally stopped calling Xtina & started dating Shay, I was going to have Xtina go after Zach at an attempt to get at Gavin/be near Gavin kind of thing. With the potential outcome of Xtina finding true love, or not. Xtina & Zach have an interesting conversation, out of which this relationship was to be born. (Depicted in Xtina's story, not Zach's) I do remember exactly why I didn't pursue this line: Coby. Most often, if I was playing in the La Leyenda apt lot where Xtina & Coby lived, I was there for Nico, and the others were free roaming. Coby & Xtina all on their own developed a high relationship score & tended to hang out a lot together, though they never engaged in anything more romantic than tickling. (Coby is a tickler). This was SO CUTE! I had to make them kiss & fall in love, and I made a whole elaborate set up for that. Oh right, this is about thing I had kind of in the back of my mind way way back when I started the site, was to tie it back to the site that inspired this one, MoochachaNYC. I loved that her Sim lived in NYC, that she was urbanizing her story & placing it in a Sim version of her own home city. And I modeled Sim L.A. in that vein. I liked the idea that perhaps just as if I were to fly to NYC, it would be the NYC the real life Moo lives in, so too if my Sims were to fly to Sim NYC, it would be Moo's Sim NYC. Well, MoochachaNYC stopped updating around the time I introduced Alison, my character from me, she comes from Moo's NYC. Later, the idea would haunt me again when Ro started doing her Denver specific Sim story, and since we were already so close, I proposed we do a collaboration. We went through many ideas & discussion, came up with a story, a characters, downloaded skins, exchanged much behind the scenes work, lol. Ultimately, timing was our demise. There was always something, at this point I can't remember details, but we did finally get the stories started. Things happen, life changes, and just I have have come to the point of needing to conclude these stories, Ro has also reached her end of Sim storytelling. As her stories were not as long-developed as mine, she's chosen to stop updating. While I am planning long drawn out conclusions for my stories, lol, I won't be updating Zach. Just to be clear, Ro & I are good friends & this isn't a source of animosity, we both know what we had to do with this. My version of our collaboration takes Zach up to the point of packing to fly out to Denver: Ro's version on her site actually shows Zach in Denver, meeting with Meera. As far as an ending, Ro & I alternately discussed: Zach staying in Denver with Meera, Meera coming back to Cali with Zach, Zach coming back to Cali with no Meera, Zach moving to India leaving Meera in Denver. Okay, that was my idea I didn't discuss with Ro...I thought I might do up on more Zach chapter, replicating her Meera material up to where Meera leaves for work in the morning after spending the night with Zach. I thought he could slip out & just leave everything behind...but it was too pat, somehow, and I decided instead to let lie Zach amongst all those possibilities, and not choose just one. Kind of fitting for a guy into quantum physics & Hindu mysticism


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