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Wilshire New Age Center: Lot 56. 2 story, one bedroom house with a parlor set up for psychic consultations.
This house belongs to Serena, a psychic. She lives here with her 3 cats, Artemis, Luna & Hecate.
Exterior walls & floors & windows & doors & violets by Livin it up. Several hacks by Gnohmon are in the yard, the gnohmon root & the flowers from MM give you spell & crystal abilities, the elephant table removes fly swarms & roaches. In the 'Hacked' section at Livin it up. Garden statue, tables & chairs, fence by Ophelia, purple bubbleblower by Zziana, NiteTime Sims, easel by Mhari, Livin it up. Trees by Around the Sims, Persimmon Grove. Purple 'candle maker' canning station, Maypole (jukebox) by Sim Witch.
First Floor. Serena is a psychic, so her parlor is set up for consultation. The crystal ball is by Cheap Frills, the Tarot table & crystal ball TV are by Ophelia, the inscense table by Around the Sims (the one your Sim can use is a donation item, a free one is part of the Indian restaurant set.) Sofa recolor & bathroom plumbing by Carrot Stuff. Tarot paintings, crystal ball on stand, prayable altar, incense boat by Sim Witch. Black silk drape & purple & pink 'double painting' by Mhari, Livin it up, tapestries, painting in bathroom, pussywillows in pot, herb racks by Stacy Gibbs at The Sims Resource
"May" Kitchen set by Candace's Sim Bazaar, kitchen deco & mood boosters, coffe maker by Around the Sims, extra fast food procesor by C&C Enterprises. Kitchen & bathroom walls & floors by Livin it up.
2nd Floor: Bedroom & bath. "Athenia" bedroom set, incl. walls & floors & matching pet beds & writing set, Crazy iMac in Grime, lamps, by Around the Sims, purple bathroom set by The Sims Resource, purple basket recolor by Sims T. Parlour, "Free the Magic" (sculpture on balcony) is a MM cheat for getting spells & much more, by Cravze, Livin-it-up. Bathroom walls by Livin-it-up, floors at Deviant Sim_Cafe yahoo group (adults only). Celestial tapestry by Candace's Sim Bazaar
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