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Venice Beach Apts: Lot 51. Two 2 bed, 2 1/2 bath units & one Single unit. Carport, swimming pool & BBQ patio area. The 2 bedroom units are 2 story units & each has a private balcony at the front of the building, and share balcony access to the patio in back. The Single apt is one story.
This building is equipped with the Sim Logical Apartment system hacks, which makes the residents of each apartment stop trying to use the objects in the other Sims' units.
The system consists of necessary Apartment tokens, which must be placed in each room & assigned an apt #, and a master controller, which you use to set the restrictions on the apts, and also toggles your apt tokens to visible/invisible. The controller is the hawthorn bush in the pic left. Then you choose from among the different objects hacked to work with the system: things like plumbing & appliances & fun objects like TVs & computers are 'attractive' to Sims, the apartment hacked versions of these items will only attract & be available to the Sims you have assigned to the apt token that is in the same room.
First Floor. Apt 1 is the single apartment, with the yellow tile kitchen floor. It has a kitchen, a bathroom & a room with a single bed, & study & living area. Apt 2 is a 2 story, with a pink tile kitchen floor. The first floor has kitchen, livingroom & half-bath. Apt 3 also has 2 stories, and a blue tile kitchen floor, with kitchen, living room & half-bath on the first floor. You'll notice that in walls down, there are door gaps connecting all 3 apartments, one between the weight bench & locker in apt 1, and one by the corner of the pink kitchen. When the walls are up, there is no visible door. It is the invisible NPC only door from Sim Logical. If you use maid services, these are helpful in connecting apartments so she can move easier from toilet to toilet.
2nd Floor: The bedroom part of the apts 2 &3. Apt 2 has the lavender hall carpet, Apt 3 is blue.Each apt has stairs that open onto a hallway, which has door access to the balcony outside & leads to the 2 bedrooms, which each have their own bath. All bedrooms have doors that open onto the front balcony. There is one invisible NPC door on this floor, next to the pink stripe bed in apt 2, and the dresser in the blue bedroom beside it.
Apts 1 and 2. All toilets, showers, sinks, stoves, fridges, dishwashers trash compactors, kitchen chairs & table, espresso machine (also hacked for a bit more energy & less bladder), TVs, stereos & computers are hacked as part of the Sim Logical apartment system. I am also using hacked counters, but only the counters that are not 'occupied' by an appliance or deco are hacked. I use plain Maxis for counters that Sims can't put anything on anyway. Doors & stairs are also hacked. Although there are hacked bookcases, I opted for unhacked custom bookcases for this set up because I wanted different looks here. That means Sims will occaisionally be tempted to try to read a book at the neighbor's place. (Apts 1 & 2 are occupied by college students: Kyle plays football, PJ is a cheerleader & Hayley is a phys ed major & plays on the volleyball team)
Object credits: Apt 1: blue lamp, part of Libby's nautical set at Livin it up, desk is by Secret Sims (now closed, moving to The Sims Resource), the white bookcase & desk accessories & wallpapers by Around the Sims & locker (dresser) by Sim Logical. Apt 2: The blue version of the tacky elephant table that is by the stairs is a hack by Gnohmon at Livin it up, it stops fly swarms & roaches. Lavendaisy love seat & rug at Livin it up, purple chair is from the donation section at Around the Sims, pink end table, flower vase & blue vase, and rattan bookcase (looks like an ottoman with a couple of books on it) by Beewitched, pink lava lamp, large purple vase and floral painting by Parsimonious. Message board & glass louver blinds in all apts by Stacy Gibbs & floor lamp by Fairy Witch, at The Sims Resource. Bathroom walls & floors by Butter, Deviant Sim
Apt 3: Black living room set (loveseat, chair, bookcase) by Fairywitch, at The Sims Resource. Metallic alien wall doohickeys by Parsimonious, part of the Black Mamba night club set. Decorative CDs (on floor next to stereo) at Around the Sims.
Apt 3 is rented by Coby & Tanner, surfers & party dudes. They are only studying because I forced them to, so they wouldn't get into trouble while I take pics of their lot.
Apt 2: 2nd floor. Flair bedroom set (red) & hall set by Fairywitch at The Sims Resource, Hall desk, pink laundry basket by Beewitched. Pink & red pouf chairs, and the pink, blue & purple 'loft' chairs are from Around the Sims, the red is free, other colors are from the donation section. Also, the books on the floor next to the nightstand (readable), the decorative journal & pens on nightstand, movie posters, desk accessories & game box, the deco make up in the bathroom & the usable toothbrushes by Around the Sims, and the wallpaper in bedrooms. Scatter cushions & rug by Parsimonious. Bathroom walls & floors by Deviant Sim.
Daisy painting at Livin-it-up, pink pile of clothes dresser, a hack by C&C that lets you change your PJs, swims, etc w/out going DT. The nightstand it is sitting on is an entable from the star dressing room set at Around the Sims: I also use the lighted mirror in the bathrooms. Movie posters also by Around the Sims. Vivid bed by Sim Freaks. Panda bear by CSB.
Apt 3 second floor: ultra basic. Greatful Dead & Pink Floyd concert posters, Sunny Bikini shop poster and toothbrushes in Coby's bathroom (not shown) by Around the Sims. Also not shown is the Sanctuary bedroom desk in the hallway, by Parsimonious. I used to have skis & ski boots by Gotta Love those Sims in the apts, as these are all sports loving Sims here, but that site is now closed. Beds by M&M Needful Things have special animations, for adults only.

Patio: Sunbathing mats by Beewitched, folding chairs by Around the Sims. I'm using the 'invisible counte' from Sim Logical on the empty table there near the BBQ, so the Sims will serve their burgers outside, rather than bringing them into their kitchens.
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