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Residence: Griffith Park Blvd Apts

Shay: A graduate of the Fashion Institute, Shay's dream was to design costumes for films.
Shay's Relationships: Shay met Gavin during a photo shoot & at first found him odd. But he grew on her, until she found herself in love. When he was cast in Byron Palisades 'Sandman' movie, Gavin insisted Shay be hired as costume designer, making her life-long dream come true. But she soon discovered Gavin's co star is also his ex-lover, Astrid, who he still has some unresolved issues with. Gavin is also very close with his other ex-girlfriend, Xtina, and this is causing Shay worry. Shay's roommate is Chloe, a make-up artist
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1: Headshots
2: Getting to know Gavin
3: The Party
4: Meeting Monica
5: A New Mission
6: Sweet Romance
7: Expect the Unexpected
8: Valentine's Day
9: Valentine's Day, 2
10: Dream Come True
11: Dream Come True, 2
12: Working for Hollywood
13: Working for Hollywood
14: A Visit from Astrid
15: The Scene
16: Dressing Room
17: Apologies
18: Long Hours
19: Diego
20: Involved
21: Motivations NEW
22: Invisible NEW
23: Incident NEW
24: Dharma NEW

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