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Residence: Wilshire New Age Center

Serena: Born from a long line of Mayan 'brujas' Serena has many psychic gifts. She has studied the spiritual traditions of the world's many religions, and uses what she has learned to help anyone who asks for her aid, in service of the Goddess. She lives alone with her 3 cats.
Serena's Relationships: Many of the Sims in these stories consult Serena for her psychic gifts. Her childhood friend & first love is director Byron Palisades, with whom she shares a special bond. When he asks her to help him with his latest movie project, she starts getting some very bad feelings...
Artemis Hecate Luna
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1: Wasted Talent
2: Dark Vision
3: The Summoning
4: The Summoning, 2
5: Bad Vibes
6: Bad Vibes, 2
7: Bad Vibes, 3
8: Mysterious Stranger
9: Mysterious Stranger, 2
10: Byron's Movie
11: Byron's Movie, 2
12: Missing
13: Missing, 2
14: Regret
15: Love God
16: Love Goddess
17: Agreement
18: The Plot
19: Market on the Edge of Dreams
20: Strange Dream
21: Breakthrough
22: Disappearance NEW

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