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Residence: Venice Beach Apts.

PJ: The daughter of a former beauty queen and a former professional football player, PJ was pushed by her mother into beauty pageants since childhood, and she was raised in a world where beauty is everything. PJ was crowned Miss Teen Missouri when she was 17, andher mother has wanted her to be Miss America ever since. Now a student at UCLA, a cheerleader & sorority sister, she's starting to want to be something more than just 'pretty'
PJ's Relationships: PJ lives with roommate Hayley. Her boyfriend is neighbor, Kyle, and her other neighbors are Coby & Tanner.
Why PJ's story is 'unfinished: I was looking at my story page one day & realized there weren't enough blondes. And most of my characters lived on the eastside (except the wealthy ones: I didn't have any 'regular' westside folk). I was building an apartment lot for Coby & Tanner to move into, I knew Coby would be needing a girl pronto to help get over the break up with, PJ & Hayley were created. PJ did not like Coby from the start, lol. But like Justin & Eleanor, I would find PJ & Kyle off together all the time. Since Hayley was developing into a kind of stereotype of a dumb blonde, I wanted to balance that out with a girl who was struggling to overcome that stereotype, even while her beauty gives her advantage in the world. Big plans...but I never followed up, and doubt I ever will.
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1: Pretty or Not NEW
2: Pretty or Not, 2 NEW

Special thanks to Troy (Sim Casual yahoo group) for PJ's UCLA cheerleader outfit, available at calisims yahoo group And Special thanks to Inge of Sim Logical for the posing point PJ is using to practice cheers.

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