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While I'm playing Sims to get screenshots for these stories, I frequently end up with a lot of extra pictures that never make it onto the website. These are some of the funnierpics from the cutting room floor

A scene from the 'photo shoot' sequence of Jackie & Nico's stories.

PJ is so nice, she'll clap for Gregg's terrible Tom Jones impression.

Bad karaoke, a staple of Sim humor....

This is one of those situations where I've changed the settings on the shareable objects like the doors & fridges. I've given Justin a key to Eleanor's house & a share of her refridgerator. (the way the fridges work is you select Sims, up to 4, who can use it & then meals cook from it are only available to those Sims.) I had Justin cooking breakfast in his own house, and had Kira cooking for herself & Eleanor in her apt. Since Kira finished cooking first, & Justin has a share of their fridge, he went directly to their place for breakfast when he finished cooking his own meal. I was making the other guys get into the shower at the time, LOL, so I didn't notice what Justin was up to right away. Eating a meal cooked by someone else. And the girls are quite comfortable having company for breakfast in their undies...

Party out of bounds: Diego gets out his puppet, Xtina dip kisses Rainier, while Justin & Shay appear to be sharing a Vulcan mind meld. Eleanor has a beer. Smart Eleanor!

Moira shows Mercedes her 'gorilla walk'. I don't know what the 2 women in front are up to....

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