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Residence: Malibu Beach

Nicolas: Born in Italy, Nico has dreamed of being a rock star all his life. He moved to L.A. in pursuit of that dream & has worked every second to achieve it, practicing, gigging, eating, breathing & sleeping guitar.
Nico's Relationships: Nico's former bandmates are Ty (drummer) and Ben (singer- a SS Somebody my game created, who no longer exists since I reinstalled). He remains friends with Ty. When Nico runs into Jackie, the bassist & singer of the band F Hole, in a Beverly Hills cafe, he finds himself involved in a difficult relationship with a Superstar, & tailed incessantly by an Obsessed Fan. When F Hole's heroin-addicted guitarist commits suicide, Nicolas is there to take over, contracting him to Bill Arthag's record label. After Jackie becomes pregnant, Nicolas moves into her Malibu Beach house. Formerly, he lived in La Leyenda Apts, Hollywood, where his neighbors were Xtina, Coby & Esme. Matt is the drummer for F Hole, Nico's current band. His younger brother Andrea is currently staying with Nico & Jackie & their baby, Trillare.
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1: Brush with fame
2: Brush with fame, 2
3: Brush with fame, 3
4: Good Luck Club
5: Obsessed fan
6: Nico in the Tabloid
7: More Obsessed fan
8: Farewell, Jackie
9: Viper Pit
10: Jackie goes into hiding
11: Media Frenzy
12: Bad Fame
13: Audition
14: Ulcer Breakout
15: Waiting
16: The Offer
17: Matt & Stacey
18: Convegno Notturno
19: Something Beautiful
20: The Contract
21: Star Quality
22: Almost Perfect
23: House Party 1
24: House Party 2
25: Image
26: Image, 2
27: Lies and Rumors
28: Bad Idea
29: Temptation
30: Recording Session
31: Natural
32: Closet
33: Since I Been Lovin' You
34: Hollywood Wedding
35: Wedding Singer
36: Hotel
37: Secret
38: Conceptual Montage
39: Double Life
40: Dressing Room
41: What he does do right
42: Andrea
43: Industry Party
44: Unexpected Pleasure
45: Cat Fight
46: Warning
47: Dangerous Liaison
48: Caught
49: Argument
50: Web of Lies
51: Push Forward
52: Perfect Date
53: Promise
54: June would be nice
55: Dinner with Andrea
56: Last Lie
57: Bellagio
58: Blackmail
59: Painful Consequence
60: Sweet Pink Hell
61: Ballad
62: Bellissima
63: Love is a Strange Thing
64: Dolce NEW

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