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Residence: Arthag Estate, Beverly Hills

Moira: Moira came to Los Angeles to work as an au pair for the Arthag family. She is an excellent chef & dreams of one day owning her own restaurant.
Moira's Relationships: Moira is employed by Bill & Mercedes as an au pair, and she is in charge of their daughter, Portia.

Why Moira's story is 'unfinished': The Arthag household was part of Sim L.A. from the beginning, as I couldn't imagine Sim L.A. without a wealthy Beverly Hills famly, and I knew I'd be needing a record exec & art gallery owner at some point in my stories, given the kinds of main characters I was developing. I couldn't imagine a family like theirs without a live-in domestic, so Moira became part of the 'family'. In the early days of this project, there weren't as many Sims living in the Sim L.A. neighborhood, so when Coby met Moira DT one time, I started edging toward a story with them. But Coby's life went in a different direction, and Moira was just a memory. I then started aiming toward getting her out from under the horrible Mercedes, lol, but the timing on that was so tied to the Justin/Mercedes/Eleanor event that once I let it pass, it became kind of pointless to pursue it. The 'Moira' episodes would likely be edited out of the 'final piece' if California Simmin' were a novel.

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1: Holiday for Moira
2: Evening in Venice
3: Magic Castle
4: Morning chores
5: Encounter at the market
6: Evening chores

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