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Residence: Arthag Estate

Mercedes: An avid art lover, Mercedes owns the Arthag Gallery of Contemporary Art and has just launched a new magazine, Arthag on the Art Scene.
Mercedes' Relationships: Mercedes' husband is Bill, the CEO of Big Music Corporation, and their daughter is Portia. Moira is their au pair. Mercedes has hired Eleanor to help her with her magazine. This wealthy socialite has extreme tastes, and is a regular client of Justin, who steadfastly refuses to take their business transaction any further. Not used to being refused, Mercedes is outraged to discover he's dating Eleanor. Mercedes is friend with many wealthy important people, including WhooNoo editor Monica, film director Byron Palisades & celebrity photographer Gregg Hills.
Why Mercedes' story is 'unfinished: Mercedes Arthag was named after a character my college roommate drew a cartoon around while we were at work at the art library..the 'Art Hag on the Art Scene'. I did flesh her out quite considerably, lol, and having her own storyline was crucial during the episodes involving Justin & Eleanor. If were to continue these stories into the future, Mercedes would have gone one as a kind of 'nemesis' to Eleanor in true soap opera style...but since these stories are ending, and Eleanor has moved on, I don't think I'll be needing Mercedes' perspective anymore.
Portia, daughter Rothko, purebreed Persian cat
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1: Meetings
2: Refusal
3: Lunchtime Fantasy
4: No Sham
5: Jealous
6: Jealous, 2
7: Competition
8: A Plan
9: Tapes NEW
10: Collapse NEW

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