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Malibu Beach: Lot 8. Two bedroom house with private beach, recording studio, kitchen & dining room, den & parlor. Master bedroom features large spa baths. Incredible views of the Pacific!
I used my "Malibu Dream" house from Livin-it-up for this lot, but I changed the walls & floors in several places. Also, I set back the wall between the master bath & the childs bedroom by one tile width, to make the bathroom larger. I added Mhari's star windows, which were not available when I first built the house. Exterior walls & floors, windows, doors & plants and sand floor tile by Livin it up. Now there is a new furnished version of this lot available at LIU. The items from paysites are removed, and a few free decorative items are also removed, to keep the shopping list simplified.

First Floor. Kitchen, dining room, den & recording studio, one bathroom.

2nd Floor: Master Bed & bath, child's bed & bath, parlor, baloconies.

Entrance, Recording studio, bathroom: Recording Studio by Around the Sims, Drum kit by 7 Deadly Sims, Wall guitars & bathroom set by Well Dressed Sim. "Dark Sunshine" floors by Butter, Deviant Sim, Wood walls & entrance wall & floor by Livin it up. There is a set of toothbrushes in the bathroom by Around the Sims: give your Sims a higher hygiene boost than the toothbrush in the medecine cabinet. And they look great, too!
Den & Dining Room: Rotin living room set, Bengale study, scrabble game, ceiling lamp in den by Around the Sims. Dining room set, wall & floor, rug in den by Livin it up

Kitchen counters by Livin it up, decor by Around the Sims. Hall paintings by Parsimonious, hall chairs by Livin it up, desk & rug by Around the Sims.
2nd Floor. Parlor couches by Well Dressed Sim, vases & scatter pillows by Parsimonious, rug by BNJxLVR, closet by Livin it up. Walls & floors by Livin it up. Balcony hot tub by Well Dressed Sim, plants in stands (lights) by Livin it up, other plants by Parsimonious.
Child's room: Bedroom set by Well Dressed Sim, lamp & toys by Around the Sims, Butterfly curtain swags & 1 tile rug by Madoria's World. Bathroom counters, walls & floors of bedroom & child's bath by Livin it up.
Master Bedroom: walls by Livin it up, Floors by Deviant Sim, bed by M&M Needful Things, Star's dressing room by Around the Sims, tapestries by Stacy Gibbs, The Sims Resource.
Bathroom: Lapis Lazuli spa by Parsimonious, walls & floors by Deviant Sim. Blue candles by Blue Star Sims Attic (yahoo group).
Beach: Wicker beach/poolside set by Fairywitch at The Sims Resource (she also has more sets like this on her free site, Beewitched). Blue easel with beach scene painting by Livin it up. "Modern Line" BBQ & matching metal table by Around the Sims: the bbq is hacked so your Sims can grill other things besides burgers, including potatoes, a favorite of vegetarian Sims, who are pretty much starving in Sim World, lol. I have placed an invisible counter from Sim Logical on the metal tables so they will serve their grilled meals outdoors. Flowers and shrubs by Libby at Livin it up. Palm tree lights by 7 Deadly Sims
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