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Residence: moving.
Luz: Luz was born in Argentina & moved to L.A. with her family as a child. She rents a bachelor apt in West Hollywood. She is a vegetarian, a peace activist & a massage therapist.
Luz's Relationships: Luz is close friends with Heather, on whom she has a futile crush. She briefly dated Kelly, but she they weren't really compatible. She did help her get an internship with the Animal Clinic, and they are still friends. Before Alison moved in with Kelly, she was a neighbor of Luz.
Why Luz's story is 'unfinished: In the infancy of this drama, there were very few characters. The first 2 were Ulises & Kelly, neighbors in a duplex in Burbank. I started with a very free-form kind of style, with the gameplay dictating the story. When Kelly got involved with a Townie, I decided I needed more characters for her to interact with, so I created an apartment building wth 3 potential new girlfriends: Luz, Alison & Caroline. So Kelly dates Luz briefly before hooking up wth Alison. As Heather's friend, Luz also adds perspective to that story. I never had any ideas of what to do with her after her thing with Kelly was over.
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1: Post rally with Heather
2: Date with Kelly
3: A plan
4: Holiday in Palm Springs
5: Holiday, 2
6: A warning for Kelly NEW

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