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La Leyenda Apts: Lot 77. Four bachelor apts (individual bed & bath units) with community kitchen & spa. Lobby features stereo & computers. Laundry room, Maid service until 6pm. "La Leyenda" means 'Legend' and this building is named after an apartment building in Hollywood I once lived in. The building was restored by Howard Hughes & he had studio starlets like Betty Grable & Marlene Dietrich living there during Hollywood's golden age. Now it's a fancy old apartment building that has gotten run down with time, in a neighborhood that isn't what she used to be, despite repeated facelifts.
This building is equipped with the Sim Logical Apartment system hacks, which makes the residents of each apartment stop trying to use the objects in the other Sims' units. The system consists of necessary Apartment tokens, which must be placed in each room & assigned an apt #, and a master controller, which you use to set the restrictions on the apts, and also toggles your apt tokens to visible/invisible. The controller is the hawthorn bush in the pic left. Then you choose from among the different objects hacked to work with the system: things like plumbing & appliances & fun objects like TVs & computers are 'attractive' to Sims, the apartment hacked versions of these items will only attract & be available to the Sims you have assigned to the apt token that is in the same room. For this building, I have tokens numbered 1 - 4 in the 4 bachelor units, and a 'standalone' token in the lounge. All 4 residents have access to the lounge, but I would need to use the controller to allow visitors in.
First Floor: Entrance, Lobby/Lounge, kitchen, spa, laundry. Benches by Well Dressed Sim, patio BBQ set by Around the Sims.
Second Floor. Entrance. Windows by Well Dressed Sim. Hall benches & table by Sim Skins, flowers by Livin it up. Exterior walls & floors & fountain by Livin it up. Hall painting by Dincer Hepguler at The Sims Resource, hall ceiling lamps by Parsimonious.
Lobby/Lounge & Kitchen: Wine & Pine Kitchen by Well Dressed Sim, with 'modern' mood booster by Around the Sims. Lobby sofa & chair set & piano by Topaz's Sim Stop are hacked for the Sim Logical Apt system. The espresso machine & stereo are part of the Apt system as well, from the Sim Logical site. Only residents will be able to use them unless I set this room for 'party time'. Crazy Mac iMacs (hacked so sims can study all skills), desk accessories, 'Cordes et Nature' counters & Baileys (drink for fun & sicial!) by Around the Sims. Rugs, desk chairs, flowers, clock by Livin it up, Throw cushions by Parsimonious.
I'm using a patch by Laphelot Sims Solutions that makes Maxis painting like that big world map appear 'backless' which is helpful when you want to take screenshots.
The spa: This is nicer than anything in Hollywood. This actually is starting to remind me of the Hearst Castle in San Simeon. The La Leyenda I lived in had a 'weight room' that was perpetually under construction & laundry. The architecture was gorgeous, however, with statuary & fountains in this style. Glass screens by Parsimonious, ceiling lamps by Around the Sims. Walls and Floors by Northern Kat, Livin it up. Exercise mat by Well Dressed Sim.
Lockers by Killer Sims allow your Sims to change into different sports or party costumes, plus functions as dresser & there are snacks in there too. (that sack of crisps they usually keep in the fridge.) First aid kit on wall (deco) by Livin it up. I used the shower from the 'African' bathroom set at Around the Sims for the spa shower.

The laundry room is by Around the Sims, it's just for decoration, but I use it to keep my Sim Logical controllers: you can see 3 of my favorites, like little smoke alarms, Visitor Controller, Bye for Now, Visitor Empowerer.

NEXT: La Leyenda, 2nd Floor, the apartments.

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