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Residence: Fountain View Apts.

Kelly: Kelly moved to L.A. from Rhode Island after her divorce from the high school sweetheart she married to escape her oppressive, over-protecive parents. She's looking to try new things & discover the world her parents & then her husband always sheltered her from.
Kelly's Relationships: Kelly came to L.A. with just her cat, Tiger. She briefly dated Luz, but their relationship couldn't last, since they had such opposite ideas & interests. Kelly met Alison, a neighbor of Luz, during that time, and started a relationship with her. Alison rushed Kelly into mving in together, and now they live together in Fountain View Apts. Their neighbors are Astrid & Leah, and Quentin. Kelly briefly worked for Alison's employer, director Byron Palisades, looking after his dog, Grok. Now she is doing an internship at the Mar Vista Animal Medical Center, a new practice opened by veterinarian, Noureddine. When Kelly first moved to L.A., before moving in with Alison, she lived in a duplex in Burbank: her beighbor there was Ulises.
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1: Kelly goes to Hollywood
2: Kelly checks out the beach
3: A new friend
4: Strange Prophecy
5: Road Trip
6: Day of Wine & Romance
7: Ester's secret meeting
8: No answer from Ester
9: Kelly drowns her sorrows
10: Act of desperation
11: Kelly meets Serena
12: Kelly meets Luz
13: Kelly meets Alison
14: Choices, choices
15: A day in Venice
16: Some doubts
17: Alison at the Rage Cage
18: Date w/ Luz on Sunset Strip
19: Date, 2
20: Holiday in Palm Springs
21: Holiday, 2
22: A job at last!
23: Alison's kiss
24: 1st Christmas in L.A.
25: Christmas, 2
26: The Party
27: The Party, 2
28: 'Wifey'
29: Kelly's dream
30: Medieval Times
31: New computer
32: A warning from Luz
33: The Big Surprise
34: An Opportunity NEW
35: Internship NEW
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