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Residence: Malibu Beach

Jackie:Born & raised in Ft. Worth, Texas, Jackie is the child of famous country musicians. Her father's hard drinking & abusive tempermant caused her to run away from her home as a teenager, first to Austin, which has an awesome music scene, and then eventually to L.A., which while it has a much less vibrant music scene, allowed her to get further away from her past. She's been playing music since her childhood & has always wanted to be a professional musician, but insists on making it on her own, never using her father's name or connections, even using the psedonym 'Jackie Oh!' to disguise her identity.
Jackie's relationships: Jackie's band F Hole is signed to Bill Arthag's record label (Big Music Corporation). The drummer of her band is Matt. Before Jackie became famous, she had a crush on Nicolas, a guitarist in another band her band frequently played gigs with. Once she became a star, he was hers for the asking. But now that she has him, and is having having his baby, she's having serious doubts about this whole famly thing.
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1: Fame is a Bitch Goddess
2: Bitch Goddess, 2
3: Whiskey
4: Ulcer Breakout
5: Crazy
6: Crazy, 2
7: Matt & Stacey
8: Sweet Dream
9: Beautiful Night
10: Bad Reputation
11: Family
12: Reformation of F Hole
13: Reformation, 2
14: Video Shoot
15: Strange Dreams
16: MTV Party
17: Anxiety
18: Uneasy
19: Celebrity sighting
20: Resolution
21: Mother
22: Brother
23: Learning Italian
24: Argument
25: Argument, 2
26: Date
27: Almost Normal
28: June Bride
29: Jam
30: Gold Digger
31: Confession
32: Details
33: Alone
34: Bellissima
35: Pink Hell
36: Dolce NEW

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