Ulises tells her she's as beautiful as the goddess Aphrodite in her gown. Heather is really starting to be impressed with this guy. (trees by Sim and Let Sim)

Miss Crumplebottom stares in silent outrage seeing Heather in the same dress as her. Heather is too busy telling Ulises how flying makes her airsick to notice the old woman's glare of disapproval.

Heather is thinking Ulises might be good for more than just his mechanical skills.

After dinner they head back up to the bar. They're having such a great time, they keep dancing even though the jerk in the green tux turns off the juke box. Before Heather is ready to go, Ulises bids her goodnight, saying she probably should get back to her daughter before it gets too late. He tells her he'll come by her place on his next day off & look at her transmission, if she wants. Heather is disappointed he doesn't try to kiss her...but she let's him get away with just a friendly hug.