When Ulises calls her the next morning to apologize for not showing up, Heather tells him how totally bummed she is about being stood up. He apologizes and tells her he got stuck on the freeway behind a huge accident & asks her out again, promising to make it up to her by taking her to the most expensive restaurant in Beverly Hills instead of the beach. Heather agrees to go...she hasn't lost hope yet of getting her transmission fixed. He promises to meet her a 5pm.

This time he's there when Heather shows up. And he has flowers for her. Heather is suddenly all gushy inside...lot's of guys have stood her up, including Amber's father, but none of them ever gave her flowers.

They have a drink before dinner in the chi chi bar. Ulises is still very apologetic for not showing up for their beach date. (city nights bar at The Sims Resource)

Heather of course talks about her transmission. She says it really felt shakey on the drive over: it's really starting to worry her.

They change into formal wear & head for the restaurant as the sun sets. Heather is in awe of the amount of money Ulises is spending on her. (Stone and Glass restaurant by Sanctuary Sims)