The sun sets & Heather finds herself playing with toy boats alone with the rental shack guy.

She finally calls Ulises but he isn't home. Angry at being stood up, she calls Frankie & asks him to meet her at the Rave Club on Melrose.

While she's having a drink with Frankie, she tells him about her concerns about her transmission.

Frankie doesn't know anything about cars & doesn't care about Heather's problems. (translight bar matching set by Miss Mokie)

Heather tries not to be embarrassed by Frankie's boots on the dance floor. But it is very very difficult.....and his dancing does nothing to improve his image, either. (psycho dj booth by Killer Sims)

Heather gives Frankie a polite kiss at her door. Ulises blew her off, she's not sure how she feels about Frankie & has no clue who is going to fix her car.