Heather invites Frankie to come check out Coby's new apt with her, but now that she's finally noticed Frankie's horrible belt & boot combo, she's a little embarassed. She's going to have to work on his fashion sense if she's going to spend any more time with him.

They have a great time in the hot tub with Coby's neighbors. At least no one can see Frankie's belt buckle in here. (hot tub by Elegant Sim Fashions)

After everyone chowed down on the kebabs, Frankie gets a little too grabby.

Dude, can't you take a hint?

Heather's memories aren't doing much for her now.

Coby's neighbor, Xtina, tells Amber that her Mommy's friend is an 8 tentacled monster. Amber agrees.

(bbq set by Around the Sims)