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When Heather does invite Rebecca to her house, it's at a time when Ulises is at work. She truly wants to believe Rebecca will behave herself and even be open to liking her husband, but she isn't quite ready to test it out yet. Her house has been completely remodeled since Rebecca last saw it so long ago, so Heather takes her friend on a tour of the new rooms.

She skips the spare room upstairs, since it's pretty much empty except for some cat furniture & an old futon, but Rebecca barges into it. "I told you, it's nothing," Heather explains, following her friend into the room. "What's with the empty room?" Becca asks in an accusing tone, looking around like she might find something. The only thing Heather has to hide is her plants, and Rebecca knows about them, always has. "I haven't thought much about what to do with it right now. It's here if we need it, that's all," Heather answers, brow furrowing. Becca knew she was married to a cop: does she also know they've been trying, unsuccessfully, to get pregnant? When they were doing the remodeling, they were calling this room a nursery, but now it's just a spare room. "Need it for what?" Rebecca continues insistently. Heather walks out of the room without answering. For what, indeed?

"What are you going to do, now that you're here?" Heather asks, wondering what brings her old friend back to L.A., and if she's just visiting or has long term plams. Rebecca tells her she has a job interview the next day. "So you're going to stay awhile?" Heather asks. Becca shrugs & changes the subject, "Heather, I'm worried about you & this cop you married..." Heather is glad she had Rebecca over while Ulises is at work. "He's not 'this cop I married', he's a man I fell in love with. I have to deal with the cop thing the way he has to deal with me...being me. We love each other & we make it work. I wish you could just accept that," she explains, hurt that her friend would believe she'd fall in love with anyone who wasn't a decent & good human being. "He's LAPD, Heather, c'mon, you know what they are, you can't expect me to believe in your 'true love' story..." Rebecca says, shaking her head. It wasn't too long ago when Heather would have agreed with her. But that was before she met Ulises, and she' very glad she didn't know right away that he was a cop, since it would have clouded her opinion of him. She already loved him by the time she found out, and it didn't make her fall out of love. But she's still not gotten to the point of being really comfortable with it. "Shut up!" she yells sharply, rising rom her seat, her anger at her friend tinged with shame, and the fear that maybe she has become the kind of person she & Rebecca used to despise. Coby comes in then, just in time, and Heather greets him fondly & asks him to hang out. She's always happy to see her step-brother, having him in L.A. makes her feel like she has a family & roots here: right now he is also a very welcome third who will take her side if Rebecca keeps pressing about Ulises. The three of them sit down together and endure an uncomfortable silence, until Heather brings up a subject gauranteed to get Rebecca's mind off Ulises: local politics. When Amber comes home, Heather says goodbye to both of her guests.

During dinner, Heather watches her husband talking to Amber about school. He's more than great with her daughter, and she knows how much he'd love to have another child, though they don't talk about it anymore, they just keep quietly hoping, this time it will happen. She remembers the day she found out he was a cop, she was more afraid of losing him & the happiness he seemed to promise than of being actually arrested. She didn't stop to think then, that for her to fall in love with a cop would be absurd, she was already in love with him. The reactions of Luz & her other political activitist friends, used to being surrounded police in riot gear at every rally & protest, reminded her that she's fraternizing with the enemy. Not comfortable with it, she doesn't ask him about his work, doesn't think about what he's doing all day when he isn't home, pretending to herself he doesn't really go anywhere, he's just hiding, invisible, behind one of the bushes. Obviously, he's not like the cops you see on the breaking news on TV, gangs in uniform beating up on a poor black teen in a gas station. She doesn't have to know what he does all day to know he's not like that.

Rebecca was always very smart, very pervceptive. Maybe she's seeing the situation clearly & Heather is the one who is messed up. That's the way it usually is. Ulises comes out of their bathroom & begins to undress for bed. "Have you ever, you know, beat anyone up? Like on TV?" she asks him hesitantly. His belt drops to the floor, the buckle making a sharp thump. He sits beside her on the bed, sighing heavily as his weight hits the mattress, "One thing I've learned about life, Heather, is that there are people in this world who get off on violent behavior, and hurting people. I became a cop to help get those people off the streets. But it's a profession that also attracts those kind of people," he says slowly, clearly, "I hope you know me well enough to know that I don't use force when force isn't necessary." Heather starts to cry, hating herself for doubting him for even a second, and she throws her arms around him. He holds her, caresses her hair, and asks her what's wrong. "I love you," she sobs.

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