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Heather picks up the phone, and is surprised to hear a voice she hasn't heard in years, her best friend Rebecca. Well, Becca had been her best friend, back in high school, but they lost touch when Becca went to Berkley...Now she's back in L.A. Happy to hear from an old friend, Heather immediately suggests they meet in Venice. They used to hang out there all the time.

Almost as soon as they meet, Rebecca asks her about Ulises. "So what is this I hear about you being married to el puerco, H?" Heather hadn't mentioned her husband yet, let alone tell Rebecca he's a police officer, so she's taken by surprise. Knowing Rebecca like she does, Heather was going to tell her friend about her husband slowly, first talking about how happy she is with the marriage thing, before letting on what Ulises does. She knew Rebecca wouldn't like it, because she doesn't trust cops, but the hostility she expresses still shocks Heather. "Rebecca, I wish you wouldn't call him...that," she stammers, feeling foolish & hypocritical. Like Rebecca, she used to call the police names like 'pig', 'el puerco', but now that she's seen how those words hurt Ulises, the words hurt her as well. Clearly, there won't be any way for Heather to get Rebecca to accept her husband, since she'd been fore-warned.

It's like this with all her friends: every one of them is shocked & uncomfortable when they learn she's married a cop. So Heather invites Rebecca for a drink & tells her about her activities in the peace movement. She's still the same person, still feels the same about the important issues.

Rebecca fills her in on what she's been up to in San Francisco, telling her about the boyfriend she left behind. Except Becca skirts around calling him her boyfriend, even though they were sharing an apartment. "Well, do you love him, Becca?" Heather asks, though she's pretty sure she knows, Rebecca is completely in love. "What? No! It was never about love! That's absurd," Becca snorts with disdain. Heather smiles, knowing better. "When do I get to meet this husband of yours?" Rebecca asks, changing the subject to one Heather hoped would not come up again. She tries to imagine Rebecca meeting Ulises & not calling him 'pig' or saying something offensive, but just can't. Rebecca is too outspoken to ever hold her tongue. "You won't make any trouble, will you, Becca?" Heather asks meekly. "I won't call him 'pig' to his face, H, I just want see this guy. You said you'd never do it, so I figure he must be pretty special," Rebecca answers. "He is special," Heather says, smiling, hoping her friend really is ready to look at Ulises as a person & not just a figure in a uniform.


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