After dinner they make a campfire. Amber brings along a new friend she's made, and Ulises toasts marshmallows while Heather sings & plays on her old acoustic guitar.

Heather remembers how her own father used to play with her like this, a long time ago.

They put Amber into bed before it gets too late, and then head back into the village for some wine tasting. As they try a few different local wines, they talk about their plans, his plans mostly, to fix up her house, improve the yard & her garden. "I think I'd like to grow grapes or berries," Heather gets an idea, "Maybe I could make my own wine."

"Anything you want, Heather, mi amor," he says to her.

There's an old jukebox in the corner of the wine bar, so Ulises asks her to dance.

After a few lively dances, they slow down to a romantic groove. Heather loves dancing with him like this, feeling his hand on the small of her back as they sway, hip to hip, and he whispers in her ear how very much he loves her, how beautiful she is....