One of Heather's favorite places in California is the little village of Cambria, in the Central coast area. Filled with little craft & antique shops, it might not be the most glamorous place to have a honeymoon, but, with the ocean & forest and all the natural beauty she loves to be surrounded by, it is where she wanted to go.

And it's a great place to take Amber: there's lots for families to do. They spend a few hours fishing, which Heather always finds relaxing. Especially if she doesn't catch anything, because she doesn't like to deal with the actual fishes, she just likes being near the water. Amber tells her & Ulises she wants to learn to play guitar. "I want to be in a band, like my Dad," she says.

"Maybe we'll get you a guitar for your birthday, Amber," Ulises suggests. Heather's not exactly looking forward to hearing Amber practice all the time, but she does need some outlet for her creativity, and now that she's starting to outgrow her dolls & toys, she's been starting to poke around Heather's stuff too much & getting in the way. So maybe getting into music would be a good thing.

When Amber gets bored & runs off to play with some other kids, Heather & her new husband get romantic on the pier. Heather can't resist sliding her hand up under his shirt; she loves the feel of his muscles, and, she has to admit to herself, she loves the fact that it embarasses him, that he allows her these public intimacies because he can't say no to her.