He's happy enough with the food that he'll come here with her again. Heather's just about to tell Ulises she thinks he's her soulmate, when he asks whether she & Ty are divorced or what? Heather's glad she didn't have food in her mouth, because the question makes her laugh out loud...."Divorced? No, I was never married," She & Ty just used to get together after his gigs. She was young & pretty careless, but they weren't even in love, really, and besides "I don't believe in marriage, anyway." "What do you mean you don't believe in marriage?" Ulises asks her. She tells him that being married or not doesn't changed the way people feel about each other. It always seemed pretty pointless to her, anyway. But it's obviously a pretty big deal to him, because he gets all serious & tells her the importance of being married. "If I were injured, they wouldn't give information to my 'girlfriend' no matter how I felt about her," he says & Heather shudders & moves instinctively closer to him. She hates to be reminded of what can happen to him every time he leaves her house, & tells him she doesn't want to think about him being injured. He gets quiet then, and it suddenly comes to Heather where he was going with the importance of marriage lecture. "Did you want to get married, Ulises?" she asks him. "Will you marry me, Heather?" he answers

She explains to him that he is her soulmate, and she considers that even more serious than being married, "But, sure, I'll marry you, too, if you want," she agrees. Heather really didn't think she'd ever get married & she'll hear a few 'I told you sos' but she's not going to turn him down. He is her soulmate, after all. She wants him to be happy & it makes him very very happy.

As they're leaving, Ulises stops & brings out the ring he forgot to give her before. She had thought marriage had come up spontaneously, but she should have known, he'd been planning it for awhile. Heather's not materialistic, the ring could be plastic & her eyes would still shine & her cheeks would still glow with the same radiant joy, just so happy to be so in love, and to be so loved.

They go home & celebrate. Heather already considers herself pretty well married, everything else is pretty much left in Ulises' hands.