Ulises never asks what Heather did that day & Heather is pretty well off the hook. Except that she feels a nagging kind of guilt at having kind of secret at all from Ulises: after what they went through revealing their lasts secrets, Heather hopes to never have to go through such heart wrenching fear & doubt again. But as she doesn't hear from Zach & really doesn't ever think of Frankie at all, Ulises constant & loving presence in her home quells her misgivings & she slips easily into the new routine of her life with Ulises as part of her 'family'. Christmas comes at last & Amber is overwhelmed by her huge present haul. Heather & Ulises sit together & watch Amber go at it. "My gift is just to be able to share this with you," Heather says to him quietly, squeezing his hand while her daughter squeals excitedly at each new toy she opens.

After Ty comes to get Amber & bring her to his folk's place, Heather & Ulises get to spend some time alone. Ulises pulls out a stack of new cds, tons of great music Heather would love to have in her collection. "I didn't buy you anything, since you told me not to" he says to her, laughing, "But I'm leaving these here, since I don't need them in Burbank." And they dance & dance.

They until they slow down into a sexy Brazilian groove that makes their hips sway closer together, slower & slower until they aren't even dancng at all, and Ulises carries Heather off to her bed.