Heather's got a lot of gardening to do now that Byron Palisades wants cartloads of her organically grown vegetables shipped to his house every month. She might even have to clear off some shrub & add a few plots.

Heather no longer needs to invite Ulises to let himself in after work...she gives him his own key, and since he spends almost every minute he's not working with her, he practically lives with her. He not only comes along to buy the Christmas tree, he takes charge of the whole operation & is extremely helpful in moving the furniture around to accomodate the tree into her small living room.

Amber is more than used to having Ulises around: she's grown really attached to him. Heather overhears her making a huge list of Christmas gifts she wants from him....and he seems to have decided he's going to spoil her child senseless. When he asks her later what she wants for the holidays, Heather just laughs & says, "If you buy Amber half of what she asked for, you'll have spent too much already. I don't want anything."

"You must want something, Heather," he presses. Heather hugs him & says "I've got what I want. Just go ahead & make Amber's holiday." And then she kisses him to keep him from pressing her further. He tells her he's leaving a little early tonight, to do his holiday shopping.

"I'll see you later then," Heather whispers as she kisses him goodbye. He hesitates for a moment and then says "Listen, Heather, I have to go to Burbank tonight...I've got to get my mail & pay some bills, and I haven't worked out in a week...," Heather's lips tremble & her eyes tear up: he's already getting bored with her, she thinks. "Hey," he says in his softest voice "It's just one night, sweetheart, I have to pay my bills, I'll come back tomorrow." "I understand, you want some time to yourself," Heather says, trying to back away. But he doesn't let her out of his grasp that easily. "I don't want time to myself, Heather. But I own this condo & a car that I need to pay bills & insurance on. And if I don't workout..." He doesn't need to finish that sentence, Heather has made him all too aware how she feels about his body. Muscles like his don't happen making out on the couch all day....Heather dries her eyes on his collar & tries to get a grip on herself. She's never been able to control her tears too well & she cries at just about anything. Ulises holds her until she's done & then caressing her chin, lifts her face up. "Smile for me before I go," he asks. Heather blushes & smiles, she can't help it. "That's my girl," he whispers in her ear, hugging her one more time before taking his leave. "I will see you tomorrow, Heather."