Just as Heather gets home, she runs into the film director Byron Palisades waiting at her door. Apparently one of Luz's neighbor's works for Byron & got Heather's address from her. He's just got back from Nepal & needs a connection.

They chat for awhile about organic gardening, and soon enough, he is making arrangements to purchase a large amount of her produce on a regular basis. Heather's really glad she left the club early now! The quantities he is looking to buy will require her to spend more time in the garden & less time in Hollywood. He wants more tomatoes & carrots than the rabbits will let her grow! And he buys enough pot for three people....Heather is thinking she could even get by with Byron as her only customer, though she would never want to limit herself to that. But the less she is on the streets, the better...Mary 'Boom Boom' warned her there is a cop asking around about her, and Heather is not looking for jail time.

Heather wakes up as Ulises gets into her bed. Smiling to herself, she snuggles up against him. She gets up early to get Amber off to school, though she'd love to lay beside him all morning & wake up with him...

After she hears Ulises is up she comes in & kisses him good morning. "I'll make you some breakfast," she offers, but he wants to talk before he eats. "Heather, you're probably wondering what kind of 'business' I'm doing at the Rage Cage & I know seeing me with Salome the other night upset you," he starts in & Heather can tell he's been practicing explaining to her. "Actually, I think I know what you're doing," she interrupts him, deciding to help him out, "When I talked to Serena about my dream, I told her about you & she said that what we were doing was a 'mirror image' of the other....you're dealing, Ulises. I deal, too," she says, & smiles hopefully at him.

"What?" he gasps & she repeats herself, "We're in the same business, Ulises." He shakes his head, "No, Heather, no...a 'mirror image' is a reverse image, not an identical image....I'm not a dealer, Heather....," he pauses and as he continues, it slowly dawns on Heather what he is going to say & the terrible position she is in, "I'm a cop Heather...I work vice....I've been on your trail..." Heather's knees give in & Ulises has to hold her to keep her from collapsing. She believed this man was her soulmate & now everything is falling around her like in an earthquake. "It's all just been a big lie? You made me love you & it was all just so you could arrest me?" she cries. "No, Heather," he says quickly, and holds her so she must look him in he eyes. "I love you so much that even when an informant described you to me, I thought she meant someone else, Salome, in fact, the girl you saw me with. I was trying to get her to sell to me, but I had the wrong girl. It wasn't until after you left the club last night & someone who saw me with you earlier asked where you were & if he could get some of your pot from me that I even had a clue you were selling. I've been looking for you, but I never knew it was YOU, Heather.....none of it was a lie, you have to believe me."