Coby's neighbor Xtina is becoming quite a regular customer. "I'm so glad I ran into you," she says "I hate that long ass drive out to Topanga!"

Heather may be kind of a hippie in her outlook & lifestyle, but her musical tastes run the gamut & whatever type of music you like, she can talk to you about it. Xtina is impressed to hear how much Heather likes the Butthole Surfers.

Heather heads out onto the dance floor & isn't entirely suprised when Ulises shows up & takes her in his arms. She's more certain everyday that he is here selling just like her...the question is, is he independent like her, or does he work for some drug lord? Will he want to push her off his 'territory'?

He buys her a drink & he seems to be working up to saying something. Heather waits quietly, wondering if she should get him started by telling him what she suspects. "I've got some time tomorrow & if you'll be home I'd like to come by & tune up your van & look at your brakes....you really overwork that old thing.." he says finally. "Why don't you come over now?" she asks flirtatiously "You can spend the night & work on the van after breakfast."

He strokes her cheek & smiles at her & then leans close to her face & whispers in her ear, "Heather, I love you so much, I want you to know that." This unexpected confession was more than Heather had hoped for. She buries her face in his neck. "I love you too, Ulises," she whispers back, & he squeezes her tighter. "Listen, I have to meet someone here tonight, Heather, and it's not what you think, it's....business...." he whispers in a hurried manner, "I would love to come home with you, Heather, God knows I would," he sighs, "I can't explain it here, now...if you can just trust me, I'll tell you everyting tomorrow. But now I need for you to go home & let me take care of this." Heather pulls out of his arms & looks into his face: she can tell he's braced himself for arguments, but she just smiles at him. She suspected he was selling before: now she is 100% sure, there is no doubt. What other 'business' gets done at the Rage Cage?

"I'll head home now so you can do your business," she says & kisses him goodnight. Before she pulls away, she whispers in his ear where she hides her spare house key & invites him to come over when he's done & just let himself in. "My bedroom's in the back," she whispers "And I'll make you breakfast in the morning."