Heather loves all of Mother Nature's creatures, but she wishes the damn rabbits wouldn't ruin her garden!

After gardening she has time for a little swim at Venice Beach. While she's having a latte, she can't believe her eyes, but it's Frankie sitting outside the window.

He comes inside. "You must be Heather," he says. "Of course I'm Heather, Frankie" she laughs. "I'm not Frankie," he says "I'm Frankie's cousin Zach. Our mothers are identical twins & we look a lot alike," he explains, but his voice is very sad. "I'm so glad I ran into you, Heather. Frankie talked so much about you while he was in town, he really hated going back to Colorado....Heather, there was an accident, Frankie ran into a tree while he was skiing...Frankie's dead, Heather," Zach finishes. Heather, completely shocked, doesn't know what to say. Of course she feels terrible for poor Frankie & his family...but Zach seems to be implying that Frankie considered Heather as more than just a fling, which is not something he ever indicated to Heather herself. Now she feels gulty about not seeing him his last day in L.A. when he asked her.

She feels so guilty about it, she pretends to be more broken up about Frankie's death than she actually is, acting like a bereaved girlfriend rather than as just a friend. It seems to be what Zach expects & he very kindly offers to take her to lunch next week & give her some of the things Frankie left in his apartment. Apparently Frankie made drawings of her & wrote some poems, too. Did Frankie really care that much about her? Well, what can Heather do but accept?

Heather heads into Hollywood hopefully to make some sales. The Rage Cage is usually pretty busy & it doesn't take long for Heather to find someone she's seen at a political rally once or twice. Kira is an artist & her pink hair makes her easy to spot in a crowd.

Sale #1, and Heather's only been out for an hour!